TESTNET RobinHood Lisk Pool

This is a test of building a pool for lisk. For playing with me, open a lisk account on testnet and vote for liberspirita as delegate (3897910504949673529L). On testnet, fees and cycle of payouts are not regular, depending on tests in progress. There is also a test of applying fees only on voters who did not also vote for the pool mentor delegate liberspirita2. On mainnet, the delegate mentor of robinhood will be liberspirita. If liberspirita can't rank among 101 delegates, robinhood won't live long ...
On mainnet, the pool will be delegated by RobinHood. You can already vote RobinHood for delegate on mainnet, profits will be refunded as soon as forging is activated ... if RobinHood success to be among the 101.
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